Temples, infinite fields and the Cañada de los 11 towns

The northwestern region of Michoacán is synonymous with fertile land, lakes and mountains. Its capital is Zamora, a small city that reached its splendor during the s. XX, fruit of economic and social development. A city that offers pleasant walks through the center, from the nineteenth-century Cathedral to the Sanctuary of Guadalupe, a Gothic whim that, due to the great height of its towers, dominates the perspective of the city.

From the city to nature there are only a few kilometers. Lake Camécuaro offers a peaceful escape to the great outdoors, while Lake Chapala—the largest body of water in Mexico—welcomes the migration of millions of pelicans each winter. One of the most popular cheeses in Mexico is produced in the mountains bordering Jalisco: Cotija cheese.

The Magical Town of Jiquilpan, with its spectacular jacaranda trees, its lively squares and its evening cafes, saw the birth of Lázaro Cárdenas. Here you can follow the footsteps of the man who modernized Mexico.

Zamorano chongos are famous throughout Michoacán. Likewise, uchepos, corundas and carnitas are traditional.

The famous Patamban pineapples are produced in the region, as well as embroidery, overcoats and shawls.